July 5, 2015
July 5, 2015
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TPMS for motorcycle

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Motorcycle TPMS is Probably one of the Most Innovation and safest Items in the World. Real-time Monitoring Tire Pressure and Temperature.

The Sensor is with Replaceable Battery and the Weight is only 9.6g. There is no Tire Balance Needed After Installation.

  • Match with Valve-cap External Sensors
  • Waterproof and Dustproof Display
  • Two Ways for Dustproof Display:

O Clip on Handlebar

O Stick on Dashboard

  • Adjustable Monitoring Pressure Range

Pressure and Temperature Units Convertible

  • Visual and Audible Alarm
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All-Weather Adoption

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اولین نفری باشید که برای این کالا دیدگاه می‌نویسد. “TP-90”