Why Steelmate Parking Assist System (PTS)?

Advanced production equipments
Steelmate invests millions on R&D, especially production equipments to improve the overall quality and standards of our products.
• Mazak FJV-200UHS vertical machine center
• Copper mould processing
• AQ360LS wire cutting machine (made in Japan)
• V22 rapid processing center (made in Japan)
• 3D printer

Reliable quality
• Self designed automatic detection system for parking sensor
• Temperature & humidity testing chambers
• Spectrum testing machine for RoHs

Comply with car manufacturing standard
Full range parking assist system available
Waterproof design
OE-FIT harness
Basic Features
• Working temperature: -40⁰C ~ +80⁰C / -40⁰F ~ +176⁰F
• Anti-false alert technology
• Anti-heavy rain
• Anti-interference
• Self-test function

Factory & Qualiey Certification
Certification by TUV(Germany)

Factory & Qualification Awards
2007 SEMA Global Media
ICE Gold Award
Mobile Electronics News Award
4 Stars by auto express in UK