Think Safety Think Steelmate

Why Steelmate Car Alarm System [CSA]?

Steelmate is the No.1 automotive alarm and security systems manufacturer in China.

Steelmate offers the best feature, edgy design and most advanced products as well as the best quality to all over the world.

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Why Steelmate Car Audio?

Each product has been tested and tuned using the professional B&K electroacoustic test system by technicians to achieve the great sound quality.

Easy installation & high quality affordable option

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Why Steelmate Driving Video Recorder [DVR]?

Vehicle Safety Standard, Oatented product design & G-Sensor

Supported by original Ambarella solution company

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Why Steelmate Parking Assist System [PTS]?

Steelmate invests millions on R&D, especially production equipments to improve overall quality and precisions of our products

Comply with car manufacturing standard

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